nawaro Beeswax Crayons - 12 colors


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The child-appropriate, easy to grasp shape is perfect for pre-writing exercises and allows the creative painting of strong lines and large blocks of colour.

nawaro Wax Crayons are manufactured using only natural ingredients; they are absolutely non-toxic and contain no petrochemical waxes!

The stearin used by Ökonorm is derived from palm oil harvested by selected local smallholders who cultivate their palm trees organically and sustainably. This conserves the habitat of endangered species.

This new generation of wax crayons made from renewable raw materials meets all expectations regarding high opacity and rubbing proberties. Only the best natural raw materials are used to manufacture these exclusive wax crayons. A slight white sheen on the wax crayons is nothing to worry about, it is simply proof of their quality as it indicates a high beeswax content.

The various colours of the natural wax crayons stimulate the imagination and are well-matched. nawaro Wax Crayons are a premium quality product, resulting in an extraordinary painting experience. The pastel colours also look beautiful when painting on recycled paper.

Diameter approx. 12mm, length approx. 85mm.


Plant-derived stearins, more than 25 % pure beeswax, plant-derived waxes, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silica, high food colouring content, earth and mineral pigments, stabilised with selected organic pigments of the type also used for cosmetic products.

The wax crayons are gluten-free.

Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults.

About ökoNORM

ökoNORM was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main by Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn, who were active in environmental protection, citizens' initiatives and socio-politically. Today ökoNORM is a small, innovative manufacturer that is committed to the people and the environment. Their products meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. nawaro stands for renewable resources in German (nachwachsende rohstoffe).

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