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Lectures by Rudolf Steiner / Translated by Helen Fox / Introduction by Christopher Bamford

Introductory talks on Waldorf education

7 lectures, Torquay, UK, August 12-20, 1924 (CW 311)

These seven intimate, aphoristic talks were presented to a small group on Steiner’s final visit to England. Because they were given to “pioneers” dedicated to opening a new Waldorf school, these talks are often considered one of the best introductions to Waldorf education.

Steiner shows the necessity for teachers to work on themselves first, in order to transform their own inherent gifts. He explains the need to use humor to keep their teaching lively and imaginative. Above all, he stresses the tremendous importance of doing everything in the knowledge that children are citizens of both the spiritual and the earthly worlds. And, throughout these lectures, he continually returns to the practical value of Waldorf education.

These talks are filled with practical illustrations and revolve around certain themes—the need for observation in teachers; the dangers of stressing the intellect too early; children’s need for teaching that is concrete and pictorial; the education of children’s souls through wonder and reverence; the importance of first presenting the “whole,” then the parts, to the children’s imagination.

This book offers one of the best introductions to Waldorf education, straight from the man who started it all.

Also available as a free downloadable eBook.

We also stock a (simplified) Chinese translation of this book titled 《童年的王國:華德福教育的兒童觀》. 

Original title: Die Kunst des Erziehens aus dem Erfassen der Menschenwesenhiet
Publisher: Anthroposophic Press
Pages: 160
Size: 21.6cm x 14cm
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 9780880104029
Publication date: 1995/11


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