Alkena Modelling Clay


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Alkena Modelling Clay is made of beeswax, natural fillers and earth. Because of the beeswax, this block of clay is not only fragrant, it also never feels cold to the touch.

Human beings have a primal instinct to shape and to sculpt. Even very young children love playing with cool, wet mud or sand or cold snow. The act of modelling with hands activate a child's ability to see form and feel form.

Alkena Modelling Clay gets its color naturally from earth. The natural earthy tones help cut down on distractions and offer the user a full and intimate experience with form.

Children will need an adult's assistance to make this clay pliable as it is very stiff in its normal state. We thus recommend this clay for older children and adults. Alkena Clay is a great clay for people who have a passion for creating figures and structures out of clay. The clay when hardened, can be carved with tools. Cracks can be seamlessly smoothed by the warmth of your hands due to the beeswax content. You can reuse the clay after it has hardened by working it with your hands.

200 g per pack

Made in Switzerland


Alkena 造型黏土以蜂蠟、天然填料及泥土造成。因為蜂蠟成分,這磚黏土不僅會散發香氣,而且觸手生溫,表面亦能用手的溫暖擦滑。


Alkena 造型黏土的顏色從泥土而來。這些天然的泥土顏色,能幫助使用者全心專注地感受塑形,不會因顏色而分心。

黏土本身比較堅硬,需要成人用溫暖去軟化,以備使用。因此,我們建議4歲或以上人士使用。Alkena  造型黏土適合對黏土有高要求的藝術家使用。它放涼後能保持形態不變,更可使用工具來雕刻。可重複使用。



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