Artemis Plant Colour Crayons - Set of 10 Colors


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Artemis plant colour crayons are unique in their harmonious selection of colours and in their purely natural composition.Artemis plant colour crayons are pressure-resistant, soft and a rich source of colour. Any kind of paper can be used as a surface for the crayons, from smooth to rough - they can be applied to cardboard and even glass. The colour is not water-soluble and does not mix. This means that when you superimpose two colours you can get interesting and vital effects.

Size: 1.2x1.5x6 cm

Material: mignonette, buckthorn berries, coreopsis, madder root and indigo.

Made in Germany

About Artemis

Artemis plant colours are quality products that have been manufactured with utmost care.The use of natural raw materials enables delicately balanced harmonic colourings, inspiring your imagination and nurturing the senses. Artemis plant colours are genuine natural products.

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