CAPE TOWN Collection Cash Envelopes


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Designed for the fun and fearless givers, the "Cape Town" collection explores a wide range of vivid colors and lively patterns to take the boredom out of cash (lai see) gifting. The collection features three copaperie signature patterns -- Dotty, Mari, Darcy -- in contrasting shades of fuchsia, purple and amber.

  • To inspire the lucky recipient, each envelope comes with a quotation printed on the inside of the flap.
  • 3 patterns per collection, 2 envelopes per pattern = 6 envelopes in total
  • 6 stickers in lemon
  • Individual envelope size: 168mm H x 88mm W
  • Suitable for Hong Kong one thousand-dollar note
  • Made of FSC-certified paper

About Copaperie

Bold color, playful patterns, and luxurious paper are the essence of Copaperie Hong Kong, which was founded by Chloe Suen to revitalize the under-appreciated art form of written correspondence, by adapting it to our modern, mixed-cultures lifestyles and infusing it with a big dose of fun. Her hope is that everyone will grow old with a heavy, dusty box of written correspondence as beautiful as their memories.


「開普敦」系列顏色鮮豔、花式跳脫活潑,是專為勇於求新、追逐陽光的你而設計,革新派利是的傳統。本系列有三種設計 - Dotty、Mari、Darcy -是對比明麗的桃紅、紫和紅色。

  • 每個利是封的信封蓋裏會有一句關於金錢的雋句
  • 每系列有三種設計,每種兩個 = 一包共6個利是封
  • 6個檸檬黃色封貼
  • 每個利是封大小:168x88毫米
  • 最大能裝港幣一千元面額鈔票
  • 材料為可持續管理森林認證的紙張


Copaperie由Chloe於2013年成立,專注於設計起用大膽顏色、破格圖案和超高質紙材的社交文具,給尊重傳統、有品味的都市人一個嶄新選擇。每年為家人準備生日卡、寂寞時收到朋友寄來的長信、收到別人慶祝生命中重要時刻的優雅請帖 - 這些都是Chloe深愛傳統文具的根源。她希望每個人到耄耋之年時,都有一大箱美麗的手寫信札,作為封塵回憶的憑證。

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