Standing Story Puppets



These enchanting Story Puppets are the perfect tool for making your stories come alive!

When stories and fairy tales are translated into cartoons or movies, they lose their evocative quality and are often too powerful…for young children. But when stories are acted out in front of the children using stand-up puppets or marionettes, the experiences have a very calming and healing effect on the children.

Fabric used are mostly natural (except brocades). Stuffed with 100% sheep’s wool. Approximately 9 cm tall.

Handmade in Dharamsala, in the Northern Indian Himalayas, by women who are Tibetan refugees and local Indians.  

Note: Since these dolls are handcrafted individually, their features and shapes might differ slightly. Their clothing might also vary to a limited degree according to the fabric available on hand. Please make a note to us on your order should the exact appearance of the doll be important to you.

About Dolls4Tibet

The seeds of Dolls4Tibet arose out of a family story. When Samdol Lhamo was two her German mother, Mona, and her Tibetan father, Karma Sichoe, were searching for a doll their daughter could culturally identify with. The only answer was for Mona to create one herself. While watching this first doll evolve, it dawned on the couple that this could become an ideal product created within a gender-specific work environment.

Dolls4Tibet aims to empower its artisans by training them in new skills and creating meaningful, income generating and enjoyable work opportunities within a homely and supportive environment. Additionally, they seek to preserve Tibet’s endangered culture with their personalized Tibetan and Steiner-inspired products. The workshop is a small-scale, self sufficient, socially aware enterprise which abides by Fairtrade principles.

Dolls by Dolls4Tibet are exquisitely handcrafted and filled with pure Himalayan sheep wool. Since each doll develops its own distinctive personality, creating them becomes a delightful achievement for the maker, a unique toy for a child and a precious reminder of Tibet’s threatened identity.

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