Waldorf Doll Kit - Luc

De Witte Engel

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Beautiful Luc will become a beloved member of your family. Watch as your child takes over the care of this chubby baby, carrying and playing with him everywhere he or she goes. Plus they are so addictive to make!

Each doll kit contains jersey, felt, wool, and thread to complete your own doll. Complete instructions and patterns in English are included. You will need to supply scissors and hand sewing needles.

This kit requires some experience in sewing.

Why Play with Dolls?

A doll is an image of a human being and is therefore the toy most suited to develop and enliven the self-image in the growing child.
Freya Jaffka, Toymaking with Children

A handmade doll is unique and is the physical embodiment of the maker's love and care. Our dolls embody the Waldorf philosophy that playthings should be simple, with minimal details, to stimulate the child's imagination. They are made with natural materials, making them beautiful to behold and soft and warm to hug (especially when compared with plastic dolls).

Children naturally want to imitate everything that adults do. Besides giving children a channel to express their creativity, doll playing allows children to practice their future roles as adults, helping them develop love and care for people around them.

About De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel ("The White Angel") designs and produces unique innovative textile hobby and craft products made from natural raw materials. They are located on the island of Texel in North Holland.

Product details

Height: 38cm
Made in the Netherlands

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