Highgate House School Cook Book



Highgate House School was established in 1992 in Repulse Bay for the founders' own children based on learning through play in a home like setting. In 2001, Julie Lam, a founder member, brought the philosophy of Steiner Waldorf education to Hong Kong for the first time, by introducing some of the basic principles into the school. It is now the located on the Peak, with a beautiful open views of the mountains and sea and a large outdoor area that gives children the chance to play outdoors every day.

Every day, the children are provided with a healthy, wholesome light snack. They work with simple recipes and avoid processed food, trans fats in vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, bleached refined flour and aluminum raising agents.

Each snack time consist of fresh fruit, herbal tea and some kind of baked goods or soup. As the children progress through the school they have more involvement in the snack preparation. For example, in the younger classes, the children help to roll out the pre-prepared bread dough and put it on the tray to bake. In the kindergarten the ingredients are on the table in the morning and the children help with the whole process, from weighing out and measuring ingredients, to placing the finished bread on the snack table. This helps the children to appreciate the process as well as the finished product and exposes them to science and numeracy, in a natural way.

This booklet is lovingly crafted by the teaching staff of Highgate House School. Each recipe is tried and tested and loved by the children!

All proceeds from the sale of this booklet goes towards supporting the development of Highgate House School.

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