KAPLA Art Books


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4 different art books with beautifully photographed constructions. The books propose many construction ideas for different age groups.

  • Book No. 1: Red – beginners (6+)
  • Book No. 2: Blue – advanced builders (9+)
  • Book No. 3: Green – simple architecture (3+)
  • Book No. 4: Beige – easy animals (3+)

KAPLA blocks are beautiful, elegant, versatile, and FUN! In fact, some of KAPLA's biggest fans are professional builders like engineers, architects, and professors.

    KAPLA blocks are featured at Charles de Gaulle Airport and at children's museums all over the world.

    Made in France

    About KAPLA

    KAPLA was invented in 1987 by Dutchman Tom van der Bruggen who studied the History of Art and always dreamed of building a castle. Inspired by and having fallen in love with an old ruined farm on the Tarn River in the South of France, Tom van der Bruggen decided to fulfill his dream and set about converting the old farm into his dream castle, complete with carriage entrance, fountains and towers. To help him visualize the finished construction of his castle, Tom van der Bruggen used wooden blocks, but soon realized that they would not be suitable for certain aspects of the construction, such as the lintels, roofs and floors.

    The idea to replace the blocks by wooden planks in one identical size with special proportions: 3 thicknesses for 1 widths and 5 widths for 1 length proved them to be the most suitable to construct without any fixation.

    In 1987, he decided to make a new construction toy of his find. He called it “KAbouter PLAnkjes” which means “gnome planks” in Dutch.

    Today, KAPLA enables builders to construct with the strength of stone and the precision of artwork.

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