Kevin the Dodo's Book of Activities

English books

HK$68.00 HK$58.00

Written by Andy Statham and Alan Dickson
Illustrated by Maani Khan

Kevin the Dodo's Book of Activities is designed to spark the creativity in the enquiring minds of children aged 4 and above. With challenges to help improve word recognition, spelling and logical thinking, this book will provide hours of fun. 

Read about the adventures of Kevin the Dodo in his first book Kevin the Dodo in the Dinosaurs are Late where Kevin faces the challenges of climate change and the effects it has on him, his friends and the world.

Visit Kevin the Dodo on his fun-filled website at:!

About the Author

Alan and Andy Statham were brought up in the UK but have been in Hong Kong for many years.  They have both retired from full time teaching and started this idea to feature Kevin the Dodo as a means of delivering fun stories to children while touching on some important, difficult or intangible topics.  It is their hope that parents and teachers can use the books as a basis for discussion in a slightly silly, non-threatening context.


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