Nature Toys Square Blocks

Nature Toys


Hand-made blocks with a glossy touch. They are comfortably weighty and immensely fun!

Each set contains 12 square blocks. Suitable for 2 years old and up.

Hand made in EU

About Nature Toys

Nature Toys is a European producer of hand-made wooden toys. Their toys are simple, nature-inspired, yet unique. They help children discover the lost art of creating something out of nothing, and inspire them to lose themselves in imaginary play, as their parents used to do. 

Nature Toys believes that children can discover their creative potential only when there are no instructions to follow. They believe that once children realize the unlimited possibilities that imaginary play brings, parents will never hear “I’m bored” again.

Recognized by kindergartens and parents in Germany, Montessori and Waldorf-inspired wooden toys have quickly gained popularity across Europe. We strive to bring the best quality, durable and safe toys that your children will instantly love.

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