Portable Garage


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Lots of play packed into a seemingly-little garage! Includes wooden pieces that can be used as furniture or equipment in multiple ways, then everything nests like a puzzle back inside the garage when playtime is over!

Grimm's wonderfully versatile 'Bauhaus' Portable Garage, with its intricate design and beautiful colors, will stimulate your child's imagination. Perfect for at-home or on-the-go, this clever little 15-piece pack-away garage can easily be carried over to a friend's house, to the park for summer play, or on a trip.

Pieces included: 2 cars, a car lift with ramp, drive-through car wash with ramps, gas pump to fuel two cars, repair shop, sales rack, trolley-jack, gauge for tire pressure, toolbox, oil can and a stool. But many of the pieces are somewhat nondescript, so their uses are flexible: boys and girls can decide for themselves what each piece will "be" -- a feature which leaves the door open to imagination and creativity.

When finished playing, all the pieces nest neatly back together inside the frame, then the entire set is wrapped for easy stowage with a felt cover connected to a string-handle for maximum portability.

Suitable for dolls approx 10-12 cm tall.

Materials: Limewood, non-toxic water-based stain
Length: 22.5cm
Made in Bosnia

About Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design

Grimm’s is a small firm based in Hochdorf at the foot of the Swabian Alb in southern Germany.

Grimm's believes that wood inspires all the senses - the sound, smell, taste, feel, and charisma. To enhance the vibrant expression of wood, they only varnish the wood with water-based color and natural oil. Most of Grimm’s products are also suitable for therapeutic work in many ways.

Grimm’s wood are only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe.

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