Rainbow Wool

De Witte Engel

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Rainbow Wool from De Witte Engel is colorful and relatively thick woolen yarn that is suitable for creative applications. Knitting with 10/12 needles (possibly followed by felting), spinning, crocheting, felting on silk or applying with woolen felt and making clothes.

Because the structure is very fine, it is excellent material for felting, whether in the flat form (felting shawls) or round felting (felting dreads and jewelry).

Rainbow Wool comes from South-American species of sheep and is processed and dyed in Europe. In that way, this felting/knitting wool satisfies the REACH and EN 71 guidelines for safe and sustainable materials.

Rainbow Wool weighs about 2 grams per meter and the fibers are approximately 20 microns thick.

Product details

Materials: 100% wool
Weight: 45g per skein 
Made in the Netherlands

About De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel ("The White Angel") designs and produces unique innovative textile hobby and craft products made from natural raw materials. They are located on the island of Texel in North Holland.

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