The Green Dragon and the 'Oh No' Bird

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Written by Suzanne Younan
Illustrated by Caroline Lewington


Suzanne's second wonderfully written and illustrated book takes us on a joyful journey with a bird's eye view of the glorious nature to be found in Hong Kong. We also learn that although our convenient lifestyles create an unfortunate mess that affects our animal friends in a bad way, there is something we can do about it."

- Dana Winograd, Director of Operations, Plastic Free Seas

“Suzanne’s new Green Dragon book is about the importance to keep our country parks clean and healthy.  The consequence will be unimaginable if we do not protect them.

This new Green Dragon book resonates with me deeply by citing areas in Hong Kong which I am familiar with.  I fall into the story right away when I read those locations.  Suzanne brought in some new friends of Willy this time and my favorite one is the piggy who like to eat.  He is a cute character and there is so much to learn from his experience in the country park.  One of my favorite parts of the book is that Suzanne will have a call to action session at the end of her book, just like the first Green Dragon book but this time focus on how to protect our country park. 

- Eligio Ma, WWF

The Story

Join Willy on his second adventure with his friends in Hong Kong, but this time venturing into the beautiful country parks.

A story featuring Aiya, the Asian Koel, Wendy, the beautiful Wagtail, and Herbert, the star of the show, the ballet dancing Wild Boar!

After tackling the problem of marine pollution in The Green Dragon, Willy and some new friends raise awareness of human habits that must change to protect the country parks.

The book is beautifully illustrated and made from recycled paper (cover is laminated for longevity). Visit the website for more action ideas with Willy the Green Dragon to better protect our planet!

Please also check The Green Dragon book, the first book in this eco-series.

About the Author

Suzanne Younan is the founder of Draco Viridi and the volunteer group ‘Green Dragons HK’. 

Suzanne has been living with her family in Hong Kong since 2014.  A true nature and animal lover Suzanne was compelled to involve others in her plight to raise awareness.

A keen dragon boater and beach goer, Suzanne engaged the dragon boat community to reduce single use plastics at training and events.  At one race event it can be possible for 3-4,000 single use plastic bottles to be distributed to hydrate the paddlers.  The GDHK volunteer group has been working with paddlers, and event organisers, to bring alternative solutions to the single use plastic that is used.

On her journey it became apparent that education was key, especially to educate the young.  More than 5.3 million single use plastic bottles are thrown away in Hong Kong on a daily basis.  Yes DAILY!  

During her volunteer work Suzanne decided to reach young minds with a story that might provoke a reaction in communities across Hong Kong and around the world.  The Green Dragon book was written to touch the hearts of children and to lead them into action, hopefully teaching their peers and family members along the way.

About the Illustrator

Caroline was born and brought up in Hong Kong by an environmentally conscious family. While she works in the video production industry, drawing has remained a passion since childhood.

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