Play String

Sarah's Silks


These beautiful strings are great to stick in a purse or backpack to play with while waiting anywhere. The string games themselves are found in every culture around the world.

These string figures have been proven to help in brain development. And they are fun! Wonderful for older children and adults to teach to younger children. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

If they break, light a candle and burn the ends back together. (adults only)

Warning: strangulation hazard, not for children under 3 years

These are cut, melted and hand-dyed by Josh; made in USA.

About Sarah's Silks

Creative play is what Sarah’s Silks is all about. Their toys are simple, beautiful, and open-ended inspiring children to use their imagination in their daily lives. Pretending is the way children learn best and how they process life experiences. When children are given simple props, they use their imaginations to "fill in the blanks"; so a playsilk easily becomes water to sail a boat on, a sling to hold their doll in, a cape to fly with, and so much more

Sarah's Silks are used in programs all over the world in play therapy for children who have suffered hardships. The California-based company is run by Sarah the founder and her husband and 3 sons.

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