Waldorf Rocker Board (Pre-Order)

Mercurius China


Waldorf Rocker Board can be commonly found in Waldorf classrooms as it has great influence for children's development. It fully performs the open-ended play value in Waldorf world. They can be played with in such a wide variety of ways. 

They were created to help children develop their sense of balance, and are also excellent for stimulating the vestibular system and a child's sense of proprioception (awareness of his or her physical body and its parts).

Fun to use indoors or outside!

Size: 92x33x20 cm 
Style: Regular or Felted (on the bottom)
Made in China

Pre-order is available for this item, expected arrival time is around 1 - 2 weeks. 


Please note that we DO NOT SHIP this bulky item by SF express to minimize potential damage during courier delivery.  Customers can pick up this item at shop or self-arrange delivery by van (i.e. shipping charge to be negotiated and paid directly by customer to the van). 


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