The founding mission of Tree Children's Lodge is to bring the best toys, craft supplies, and other educational tools to the children of Hong Kong. We are passionate about creating a more nurturing and nourishing environment in which every child flourishes.

In addition to catering to parents, we are also committed to supporting schools, clinics, and other institutions that work with and care for children at the frontline. Thanks to our discerning customers, our toys can be found in many different corners of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia (that we know of), used in a wide range of settings that include playgroups, kindergartens, counsellor's clinics, in play therapy, art therapy, etc.

Our customers

To name a few, our toys can be found at:

Spring Child
Highgate House School
Fairchild Junior Academy
Fairchild Junior Academy
Little Pinecone Waldorf Garden
MOTHER DUCK Babies & Parents Interactive Learning Institute

Can we help you?

We want more children to benefit from our toys. We also wish to show our appreciation and support for these ventures in a material way. Therefore, we offer discounts for the following categories of customers:

  • Teachers
  • Steiner initiatives or schools
  • Day-care centers, playgroups, kindergartens, or schools
  • Clinics, social welfare organization, or other child care facilities

Do you or your organization belong to any of the above categories? If so, we are eager to support you! Please drop us a line to start a conversation.

To prevent abuse, we do require a simple registration and proof of identity. Thank you so much for your interest.