nawaro Natural Finger Paint - 4 colors



One of three finger paints recommended by Öko-Test, a German consumer magazine, out of 16 tested.

nawaro Finger Paints are natural, bright paint colours made from renewable raw materials. They are creamy, non-drip, high opacity and brilliant. They can be used by young children for tactile finger painting or for normal painting.

These natural paints contain natural food colouring and are ideal for all techniques especially popular with children: painting, dabbing, stencilling, stamping, scraping, cork and leaf printing and much more. The water-soluble, dilutable paints can be mixed with each other and are suitable for painting on paper, glass*, wood and many other surfaces, with fingers or with a paintbrush. These tried and tested natural paints for children, artists and crafters promote the inborn creativity of children and encourage them to experiment.

The finger paints are water-soluble and washable. Once dry, it is possible to rub the paints off surfaces; they can also be rubbed or brushed off fabrics.

Suitable for home use and use in kindergartens, schools and in treatment settings.

  • Basic colors: Red, yellow, green, blue
  • "Princess" colors: Rose, pink, violet, aqua

* If used on window panes, the paints may become runny again to condensation caused by low outside temperatures.


Natural foods and food additives such as food colouring, natural colour pigments, purified chalk.

nawaro finger paints are lactose free, although not gluten-free.

Preserving agent: Phenoxyethanol; bittering agent: Denatonium benzoate.

These natural paints are intended to be used for painting purposes only and are unfit for consumption. Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults.

Made in Germany

About ökoNORM

ökoNORM was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main by Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn, who were active in environmental protection, citizens' initiatives and socio-politically. Today ökoNORM is a small, innovative manufacturer that is committed to the people and the environment. Their products meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. nawaro stands for renewable resources in German (nachwachsende rohstoffe).

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