The Waldorf Book of Poetry

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By David Kennedy

Discover the power of imagination in an inspiring journey through time that brings history, mathematics, social studies, science, language, and geography to life. Readers will experience poetry like never before as it opens doors to ancient cultures, faraway places, the seasons and rhythms of the year, and the wonder of plants, animals, and nature.

The Waldorf Book of Poetry includes more than 425 poems by classic and modern poets in a comprehensive collection that reveals the power of imagination in a wide variety of subjects. Teachers will find a perfect poem for every class, parents will discover old favorites and new treasures to share with their children, and poetry lovers will delight in this indispensable collection.


About the Author

David Kennedy has been a teacher for over thirty years, most of them as a Waldorf class teacher. Over the course of his career, he collected poems, rhymes and verses for every imaginable subject and age. In amassing and editing his anthologies The Waldorf Book of Poetry and The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry, he drew on the rich experiences of those years teaching children of all ages. He also drew on his life experience from tutoring prisoners, working in a Swiss natural color laboratory, studying watercolor painting, completing an apprenticeship in stained glass and teaching at the college level, studying at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and Emerson College in Forest Row, England, as well as learning to be a coppersmith and green woodworker. He founded and is the creative director of, the world's largest web site for Waldorf education and sends out the weekly Waldorf Today newsletter to over 10,000 subscribers worldwide.


Publisher: Living Arts Books
Pages: 352
Size: 25x17.5 cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780982990513
Publication date: 2012/11/11

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