Rudolf Steiner's Curriculum for Steiner-Waldorf Schools

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Written by E. A. Karl Stockmeyer; Translated by Roland Everett-Zade

This book is an in-depth exploration of the curriculum of the first Waldorf school, expanding on the original 'Lehrplan'.

Divided into sections, the book outlines Steiner's comments on schools and lessons in general, as well as many details on his thinking on specific issues ranging from different age groups to classroom decoration and arrangement.

This important book for all Steiner-Waldorf teachers gets to the heart of Steiner's ideas on education and child development.

About the Author

E. A. Karl Stockmeyer (1886-1963) was one of the founding teachers of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart.


Publisher: Floris Books
Pages: 256
Size: 24x20.8 cm 
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 9781782501299
Publication date: 2015/05/21

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