Creative Play the Steiner Waldorf Way

English books


By Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol

  • Advice from a Steiner perspective on developing your child's mind, body and spirit through creative play.
  • Detailed instructions, accompanied by beautiful photographs, on over 20 toys.

Creative Play the Steiner Waldorf Way is the ideal book for parents who want their children to develop their creativity and imagination through play. It teaches you how to let your child develop according to the Steiner theory, which helps children to fulfil themselves naturally and holistically in mind, body and spirit. Each chapter covers a different element of your child's development and includes an expert summary of Steiner theory and how it relates to children and parents today. You will find instructions for how to make over 20 beautiful toys from natural materials to encourage your child to develop creativity, awareness, confidence and imagination.


About the Author

Christopher Clouder is an internationally renowned author, teacher, campaigner, speaker and expert on Social and Emotional Education, Creativity and Innovation in Education, Steiner Education and many other educational and cultural subjects. His work challenges a wide range of issues that affect the way our children learn, develop and interact, including areas of play, imagination, cultural evolution and creative learning. He has been a strong advocate in raising awareness about the quality of childhood throughout his career.

Janni Nicol is the Early Childhood Representative of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, early childhood consultant, puppeteer and storyteller.

Publisher: Gaia
Pages: 128
Size: 191 x 234 mm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781856753517
Publication date: 2014/09/01

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