Healing Story for Challenging Behaviour

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Written by Susan Perrow

Susan Perrow is a story doctor. She writes, collects and documents stories that offer a therapeutic journey for the storyteller and listener – a positive, imaginative way of healing difficult situations.

Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour brings together the fruits of Susan Perrow’s work in storymaking. It is richly illustrated with lively anecdotes drawn from parents and teachers who have discovered how the power of story can help resolve a range of common childhood behaviours and situations such as separation anxiety, bullying, sibling rivalry, nightmares and grieving. This comprehensive resource offers:

  • An overview of therapeutic storytelling
  • Checklists for readers to evaluate the challenging behaviour or situation and identify their desired resolution
  • Guidelines for adapting stories for different age groups and cultures
  • An extensive collection of new stories and traditional folk tales categorised by behaviour or situation
  • A storymaking model to help the reader create stories directly relevant to their own circumstances.


About the Author

Susan Perrow (author's website: http://susanperrow.com/) is a teacher trainer, mentor and parent educator. She travels internationally giving workshops on storytelling specialising in creative discipline and challenging behaviours. She lives in Australia.


Other version:《故事是教養的魔法棒》
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Pages: 301
Size: 15x23x2 cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781903458785
Publication date: 2008/5/1

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