A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales ; From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra

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By Susan Perrow

Story medicine is a creative strategy for effecting positive change in childrens' out-of-balance behaviour. Each story in this collection begins with an undesirable situation and, through the use of metaphor and an imaginative story journey, leads to a more satisfactory resolution. In this way, the stories also have the potential for nurturing positive values. The stories cover many kinds of universal behaviour. Following the alphabet from A to Z, the behaviour is identified in the story title e.g. anxious, bossy, cranky ... greedy ... jealous ... lazy ... swearing ... uncooperative ... and more. The stories can be told directly, or adapted. They can be turned into home-made picture books and puppet shows, or used as springboards for the creation of new tales for particular behaviour challenges and situations. This is a collection of 42 family friendly behaviour tales to tell to children aged 3-9 years. These behaviour tales offer a fun, creative pathway of `story medicine' in parenting, teaching and counselling. 

About the Author

Susan Perrow is a teacher trainer, mentor, and parent educator. Her previous books include Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and Therapeutic Storytelling. 


Publisher: Hawthorn Press Ltd                                                                         
Pages: 198                                                                                                           
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Format: Paperback                                                                 
ISBN: 9781907359866                                                                               
Publication date: 2018/11/1

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