Birthday beeswax candles, gift pack



Give the gift of light - 5 birthday candles in a gift box, with a greeting card.

Dipam beeswax candles are of 100% pure beeswax, without any natural or artificial additives. They retain their natural fragrance that is most noticeable while burning.

Dipam beeswax candles burn up to 15% longer than conventional paraffin candles.

About Dipam

Kaarsenmakerij Dipam CV was founded in 1983 as a project to help bring former addicts back into society. Performing meaningful work in a somewhat protected environment is a great way for one to acquire work experience, social skills and self-confidence. Today Dipam is in partnership with Sleipnir Foundation, which, together with five other companies, works toward a world in which people are free and equal and are able to live and work with dignity.

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