Chalkboard Drawing Book (by Paul van Meurs)


By Paul van Meurs

A day at school is only complete if the children have tasted the nourishment of images. Images offer children the possibility of accessing their emotional life. Emotional life is the gateway to the self will and the realm of thought. We can express our images in language and through visual language. For the visual language we have a chalkboard at our disposal.

To connect, as the teacher, with the teaching and development materials for the children, we can draw a chalkboard drawing. The preparation and drawing of a chalkboard drawing connects you as a teacher with the teaching materials and/or stories in such a way that this process works like a catalyst in the children. Language: English.

For 22 years, Paul van Meurs was a school teacher. For the last 13 years, he has worked as a school advisor for Waldorf schools. He assists teachers and teams in shaping the Waldorf educational programs. For many years, he taught the chalkboard drawing course during the Zutphen Summer School. This book is the result of many years of research into chalkboard drawing methods.

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