Big Oldtimer Car



Take a ride in this fancy personal coupe!

Debresk toys are hand crafted Sweden. Used in many Steiner kindergartens, these sturdy wooden toys are made to withstand many years of play.

Materials: Solid pinewood; detailed made with birch; finished with linseed oil
Size: Length: 17 cm x Height: 8 cm x Width: 9 cm
Made in Sweden

About Debresk wooden toys

Debresk was started by three friends who attended a Steiner school in Järna, Sweden. They began making beautiful wooden toys in an ancient corn storehouse on Skäve biodynamic farm in 1987.

They believe that toys have to be something children want to take care of, something to protect so that it will not be damaged. In relating to the things he plays with, the child develops his relationship to the world. Let children play with living materials; this way we can help our children to grow up in a world worth taking care of!

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