HK$340.00 HK$238.00

This model is part of the CLICK-A-MOBILE series and is mounted on strings and pre-assembled with the hanger system. You just need to "click" the single elements together. Spend fun time with your child!

Designer: Louise B. Helmersen
Size: 30x40 cm

About Flensted

In 1953 Christian & Grethe Flensted made their first mobile to celebrate the christening of their daughter Mette, thus beginning a beautiful adventure. This year Flensted Mobiles celebrates 60 years of bringing balance to the world through movement!

Each Flensted Mobile is handmade and beautifully packaged in Funen, Denmark (the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen). They are made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home - and helping you to unwind at the same time!

Flensted Mobiles are simple and elegant. They weigh very little (like a letter), so they can be easily hung on any surface using the most simple hook and adhesive tapes.

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