Here We Are - Notes for Living on Planet Earth

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Written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
#1 NY Times Bestseller
#1 TIME book of 2017

Well, hello.
And welcome to this Planet.
We call it Earth.

Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you’ve only just got here. Your head will be filled with questions, so let’s explore what makes our planet and how we live on it. From land and sky, to people and time, these notes can be your guide and start you on your journey. And you’ll figure lots of things out for yourself. Just remember to leave notes for everyone else… Some things about our planet are pretty complicated, but things can be simple, too: you’ve just got to be kind.

Here We Are is the utterly heartfelt new book from Oliver Jeffers. We’re glad you found it.

Critical Praises

Here We Are is a tour through the land, the sea, the sky, our bodies; dioramas of our wild diversity….Jeffers is the master of capturing the joy in our difference.”
- New York Times Book Review

That sense of unity is ultimately what Jeffers is trying to remind all of us in Here We Are.

- Vogue
Oliver Jeffers

About the Author

Oliver Jeffers is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer from Northern Ireland.He was born in Port Hedland, Australia, grew up and was educated in Belfast Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Oliver won an Emmy in 2010 for his collaborative work with artist and filmmaker Mac Premo. He has made art for Newsweek, The New York Times, United Airlines, TED, Nintendo, and has illustrated a a number of novels.


Publisher: Philomel Books/HarperCollins Publishers 
Pages: 48
Size: 27.9 x 24.9 x 1 cm
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780399167898
Publication date: 2017/11/14

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