Light in the Lantern: Advent Calendar (French edition)

Wynstones Press


Illustrated by Cécile Acmanne-Borgogno

Size: 5 panels each of 250 x 150 mm. 10 x 6 inches.

A five sided Advent Lantern that may accompany the book The Light in the Lantern by Georg Dreißig.

There are seven stories for each week of Advent, starting from the first Advent Sunday. When Advent is shorter, more than one story can be read in a day. It is similar with the lantern’s little windows: the first of its five sides belongs to the first week of Advent, and so on, until on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day the large door on page five is opened.

The Calendar has been printed in France at a local company, close to the publishers, and this leaves some assembly work to be completed. The Calendar is printed in 2 parts: the inner pictures and the outer starry sky. While the children are absent, re-fold the inner card into an even 5-sided form, then insert the 2 tongues at one end into the slots at the other end to hold the shape. Then take the outer card, align the large doors with the illustration of the crib, and ‘wrap’ it around the inner card. To finish, insert the 2 tongues into the slots provided.

The Calendar will stand freely on the table.

After Christmas, gently disassemble, store flat and it will be ready again for next year.

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