Lunette Cupwipes

Lune Group

  • Great option for sanitizing your Lunette menstrual cup when you can’t rinse it.
  • Eliminates most germs and enables you to use your cup even when there is no clean water available.
  • Small and separately packaged for your convenience. 

Please note that the Cupwipes are only to be used to clean your cup and they are not appropriate for use directly on your skin (e.g. for cleaning your genital area).

Using the Cupwipes

  • The Cupwipes are easy to use: simply wipe and dry the cup with a tissue and then disinfect it with the Lunette Cupwipe.
  • After you have disinfected the Lunette menstrual cup, it is important that you let it dry completely before you insert it again, but it only takes a few moments.
  • We also recommend you to use the wipes to disinfect the Lunette menstrual cup before and after your period (this can also be done by boiling the cup briefly in hot water or by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol).
  • Don't wash your cup after using Cupwipes.

Nice to know

  • The Cupwipes are made from viscose, a biodegradable material, which allows you throw the used wipe into the compost, where it will decompose in less than six weeks! If there is no trash can available, you can also flush the wipe down the toilet.
  • Cupwipes contain only water and alcohol, nothing else added!

The Lunette Cupwipes are sold in packages containing 10 individually packed wipes.

Made in Finland

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