Lyra Groove Graphite Pencil (Triangular)


HK$20.00 HK$8.00

With the grand prize of German's Red Dot Award, this pencil comes with small but grippy grooves carved out of each side gives children joy to write freely with confidence. The triangular shape also helps to promote the correct grip. The pencil is made from natural materials which is toxic-free.

This ergonomic graphite pencil with a triangular shape is easy to hold, naturally preventing your fingers from slipping. It's good for daily use in office or school. There's also space for writing your name.

B lead, ideal for writing and drawing. Hard to break and very long-lasting.

Made in Germany

This pencil comes in two styles: the original version and the slim version.

Length: 17.5cm
Diameter: 7mm (slim), 10mm (original)
Materials: High grade wood
Content: B lead

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