Needle Felting Starter Kit - Dinosaur

De Witte Engel


Needle felting is simple and fun. In this kit you find 26 colors of Mini BhedaWool, in addition to the tools and everything else you need to make your own needle felted dinosaur creations.

Perfect as a starter kit for dry/needle felting. The kit comes with step by step instructions for making the dino body and based on that body, inspiration for many more dinos you can make with the 26 pieces of Mini BhedaWool.

Great for anyone who likes their crafting to end up in a usable object and for crafters of all experience levels!

Attention: Felting needles are fragile. Make sure you always hold and retract the needle in the same angle. Avoid sideways tension and do not pry. It is always smart to have some extra needles in reserve.

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