Ökonorm nawaro Soft Modelling Clay - 4 colors



Human beings have a primal instinct to shape and to sculpt. Even very young children love playing with cool, wet mud or sand or cold snow. The act of modelling with hands activate a child's ability to see form and feel form.

This is extra soft modeling clay from renewable raw materials. With our SOFT modeling clay even small children can easily bring their ideas into shape. Well suitable for modeling of small elements.

Basic: red, yellow, green, blue
Eco Princess: rose, pink, violet, cyan

Starts to dry after 1 day on air and hardens after 2-3 days. Shrinks by 10% after drying, retaining its original color. Wrap the dried clay with a wet a cloth to soften it again.

The practical cup protects the clay from drying out. SOFT-modeling clay is water-soluble and washable. 

Warning: Not food! Do not eat! Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults. With the entry of dirt or bacteria can the natural product spoil and mouldy.

Ingredients: Wheat flour AS, salt, alum, urea, potassium sorbate, natural color extracts and identical to natural food and cosmetic colorants, food preservatives, bitter substances: denatonium benzoate.

Made in Germany

About ökoNORM

ökoNORM was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main by Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn, who were active in environmental protection, citizens' initiatives and socio-politically. Today ökoNORM is a small, innovative manufacturer that is committed to the people and the environment. Their products meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. nawaro stands for renewable resources in German (nachwachsende rohstoffe).

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