Wisdom is a woman

Wynstones Press


by Mieke Mosmuller

‘Is there a concept that is more difficult to describe than love? To find an answer to the question: ‘What is love?’ is as difficult as answering the question: ‘Who actually is it, whom I refer to as I?’

Love and the I... These are the most important values in life. The one originates from the other but they are still in contradiction with each other.
True love makes one forget one's own I, yet love streams from the I. Does love exist, or is it in essence always self-love?

True love is only possible on the solid foundation of wisdom, which precedes love. With wisdom one finds self-knowledge and is able to distinguish between self-love and unselfish love, between erotic love and love for the true being of the other person.
Not all women are wise, but wisdom has a feminine form. She lives as a quality in men and women who seek her. She is there to reshape every human intellect into a wise sureness – if one asks her, if one loves her, if one seeks her.

In ancient Egypt she was called Isis, the Greek sought her as Sophia, and she appeared in a human form as Maria… that is how Christians know her.
She pours herself out in every soul that goes through catharsis, purification. Each purification, however slight, gives wisdom – wisdom is a woman.

Published in Holland by Occident Publishers.
312 pages.
21 x 15 cms. 8 x 6 inches.

ISBN 9789075240009

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