Rhythms, Rhymes, Games and Songs for the Lower School

English books


Author: Christoph Jaffke

Material accumulated over the decades within the Waldorf School movement. For use in the first three (four) classes. Appendix with examples of especially suitable stories. Index of first lines. More than 70 finger plays, mostly accompanied by instructions, 35 classroom games, almost 30 singing-games, about 50 traditional English and American children’s songs, numerous action rhymes and poems.

Contents include: 

  • Praise and Prayer
  • Time and Seasons
  • Wind and Weather—The Elements
  • Animals and Plants
  • Finger Plays
  • Counting-out Rhymes and Number Rhymes
  • Fun in Sounds and Rhythms
  • Little Dialogues
  • Action Rhymes and Parts of the Body
  • People and Occupations
  • Daily Activities
  • Classroom Games
  • Signing –Games
  • Songs

Appendix I: A Few Stories for Classes 1 to 3
Index of First Lines
Appendix II: Additional Material

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