Waldorf Main Lesson Sketchbook

Mercurius China


Waldorf Main lesson books are where children record their learning. In Waldorf schools, children create their own book of what they learn during each main lesson block. The purpose of a main lesson book is really to replace textbooks and worksheets, and to weave the arts into learning. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, was motivated to create a method that was alive and engaging rather than abstract and dull.

These lesson books come in different sizes and have the option to add onion skin paper between the pages to keep the crayon drawing from rubbing off on other pages. (The onion skin paper is thin and translucent; it is not meant to be written on but to protect the drawings).

Size Large: 26x38.5cm, 20 pages (with onion skin paper)
Size Small: 23x31.5cm, 20 pages (with onion skin paper) or 16 pages (without onion skin paper)

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