Supporting Self-directed Play in Steiner-Waldorf Early Childhood Education

English books

By (author)  Renate Long-Breipohl

Self-directed play is the cornerstone of the Waldorf early childhood work, one that is threatened from many sides in our time.

This important book asks, what is the true nature of such play? How can we learn to observe and understand it?

Drawing on research originally conducted in Australia, Renate Long-Breipohl indicates a path that all early childhood educators can travel in their journey towards a deeper understanding of children's play. At the heart of her study is the section on 'Types of self-directed play', extensively illustrated with photographs and narrative examples from Waldorf early childhood settings.

Publisher: Waldorf Early Childhood Association North America
Pages: 50 pages
Size: 217 x 278 x 5mm
Format: Pamphlet
ISBN: 9780981615998
Publication date: 01 Jan 2010

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