The Bremen Town Musicians : Grimm's Fairy Tale

English books


Illustrated by Lai Hsin-Shih

Here is the classic Grimm's tale of a run-away donkey, a down-and-out dog, a cast-off cat, and a rooster ... about to be cooked. They set off together to Bremen to become the town musicians. This story, with its singularly satisfying happy ending, is made especially delightful by the enchanting illustrations of Hsin-Shih Lai and the inventive design of Howard Besserman. It will bring a smile to young and old alike.

About the Author

Lai Hsin-Shih was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her mother loved all the arts and sent Hsin-Shih to a painting and drawing teacher when she was 4 years old. Since then, Hsin-Shih has not stopped painting. She went on to study painting and industrial design at the National Taiwan Academy of Art. After working for a while as a freelance illustrator, she met Anthroposophy and, in 1999, moved to the U.S., where she completed her eurythmy training in 2004. Hsin-Shih returned to Taiwan in 2010 and founded The School of Eurythmy Taiwan as its artistic director.

Publisher: Anthroposophic Press Inc
Pages: 32
Size: 230 x 280 x 10.41mm
Format: Hardback 
ISBN: 9780880105835
Publication date: 06 May 2008

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