The Eight-Year-Old Legend Book

English books

By Isabel Wyatt

This collection of stories is based upon tales told by the Buddha to his monks 2500 years ago. Isabel Wyatt’s enchanting retelling conjures up a rich world of eastern legend, ruled by courtly kings and wise men, and populated by brave princes, faithful elephants and cunning monkeys. The stories tell of great adventures and heroes, of danger and courage, and most importantly of how wisdom and thoughtfulness always triumph over selfishness and greed. 

This anthology was compiled with children around the age of eight in mind -- children who are embarking on more and more adventures in their own lives, and themselves learning to become clever and brave.

About the Author

Isabel Wyatt was born in England in 1901. She spent many years teaching young children and was then, until her retirement in 1965, co-director of studies at Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire. She compiled many books for children, including The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book, Homer's Odyssey, King Beetle-Tamer and The Book of Fairy Princes. She died in 1992.


Publisher: Floris Books                                                                                    
Pages: 120                                                                                                           
Size: 21.6x13.8cm                                                                                           
Format: Paperback                                                               
ISBN: 9780863157134                                                                               
Publication date: 2009/09/24

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